VectorCAST/C++ is a dynamic software test solution that automates C and C++ unit testing, as well as the integration testing of C and C++ software units when they are combined, necessary for validating safety and business critical embedded systems.


Core values

  • Can be used on new or legacy applications

  • C and C++ unit testing

  • Makes developer testing a streamlined and repeatable technology

  • Moves testing from a manual process to engineering rigor

  • Proven reduction in cost by automating framework creation to isolate newly developed code

Key Features

  • Unit and Integration Testing

  • Easy Regression Testing

  • Supports "Source Mode" or "Agile Mode"

  • Unit and Integration Testing

    Traditionally, unit and integration testing is performed by developers as the code is built. As individual software components are created, test code is generated to take the place of the external interfaces of the code under test. This test code, generally called a test harness, consists of drivers to stimulate the functions of the code being tested, and stubs to take the place of dependent functions that are called by the code being tested. VectorCAST automates the creation of drivers and stubs as part of the creation of the test harness, thus freeing up the developers to focus on building quality and thorough test cases.

    With VectorCAST/C++, C and C++ unit testing can be done natively or on your specific target or target simulator. VectorCAST’s run-time support package, VectorCAST/RSP, is the add-on module that makes executing your test cases on target hardware automatic and seamless. In addition, tests may be developed in a host environment and re-executed on an embedded target to verify target and cross-compiler performance.

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  • Easy Regression Testing

    One of the most important benefits of automating software unit testing is the ability to rerun the tests as the source code changes to ensure that errors are not introduced. Once the test cases are generated, they can be saved in text format and easily stored in your Configuration Management tool. VectorCAST’s command line interface can be invoked from your nightly build to rerun all of the unit and integration tests so that you can check for errors that are introduced during the day. Finding issues soon after they are introduced greatly reduces debug time later in the life-cycle, thereby increasing code quality and reducing cost. Further automation of regression testing can be accomplished with VectorCAST/Manage.

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  • Supports "Source Mode" or "Agile Mode"

    Source Mode supports C and C++ unit and integration testing of modules that have already been implemented. Agile Mode is designed to support projects that are implementing an Agile development process. In Agile Mode, no source code files are needed. When you are building a test environment, you simply point to the directory containing the header files that you want to create test cases for, and then choose one or more headers as the Units Under Test. VectorCAST will create the test environment, including empty definitions for the functions defined in the header files chosen. This results in a complete executable test harness that can be run on the host platform, or any embedded development environment. All other features of the VectorCAST unit testing tool work exactly the same way that they do in Source Mode.

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Supported Environment

Host OS

Windows/Linux/Solaris, etc.

Target OS

Dozens of common RTOS,including Vxworks, QNX, DSP, MontaVista, Green Hills, PikeOS, LynxOS, Embedded Linux, etc.

Supported C/C++compilers and chips

Analog Devices, VisualDSP 4.x, 5.x



Microchip MPLAB


Microsoft Visual Studio v6.0 through 2012




Paradigm C++ Professional

Android SDK/NDK



Renesas HEW

Borland C++ 5.x

Rowley CrossWorks

Cosmic Software


DDC-I Score C/EC++

Texas Instruments CodeComposer, all versions

FreeScale CodeWarrior

Wind River Tornado and WorkBench

Fujitsu Softune

WindRiver Compiler, all architectures

GNU 2.9 through 4.6

GNU Compiler, all architectures

GNU Cross (no RTOS)





IAR, Embedded Workbench

Keil uVsion

Mercury Systems

Supported Ada compilers and chips

• AdaCore

GNAT Pro High Integrity Edition (HIE)
Windows Native

PPC Target with VxWorks

Unix Native
PPC Target Bare Board

• Aonix

AdaWorld (Ada83)
68K Target with SMART run-time
Unix Native
x86 Target with Raven run-time

Unix Native
ERC32 Target with SMART run-time
Windows Native

Windows Native
Aonix ObjectAda (Ada95)

PPC Target with Raven run-time

• Concurrent Computer Corp.



DACS (Ada83)
x86 Target

Windows Native
Windows Native                                        
PPC Target

x86 Target                                        
Unix Native

• Green Hills

Green Hills (Ada83)
Green Hills (Ada95)
PPC, 68K, MIPS, Bare Board Hardware
PPC target with GMART run-time

Unix Native
Windows Native
PPC target with GSTART run-time

NEC850 Simulators
PPC, 68K, MIPS, Simulators
PPC VxWorks



• Rational Apex

Unix Native

PPC Target with Apex Exec

VADS (SunAda)


XGC (Ada83)


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