Our customers spread across more than 400 multinational companies and research institutions in safety critical industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, railway, medical devices, industrial automation, nuclear energy, telecommunications, utilities and more.  We continue to strive for excellence in providing the state-of-the-art technical solution and exceptional service to our customers and assist them to get ahead in this evolving and challenging space.

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  • 台达电子,Delta
  • 富田电机,FUKUTA
  • 富士康,Foxconn
  • Silicon Motion
  • ASUS
  • EOI
  • 摩莎科技,MOXA
  • Altek
  • DSTA
  • MAS
  • EVA Air


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Our commitment is our mission: Ensuring the quality, security and reliability of organization's software projects by providing the best of breed automated development, testing, and analysis tools with our unparalleled professional service.

At Trinity Technologies, we understand that organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver more innovation to the market faster without sacrificing quality or speed. Trinity Technologies takes the guess work out of the development and testing process by combining the best breeds of technologies and services to help our clients meet their required governance, regulatory compliance needs, improving overall project quality, security and reliability.

  • 2012

    Founded in

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